Redmond Saturday Market, or “An Experimental Post”

The Redmond Saturday Market, established 1976, has been a staple tradition from May to October every year in the city ever since, and is currently in its fourth location.  Featured are vendors selling mainly locally grown produce and art.  Also included are stands selling trinkets, hot food, kettle corn, or shaved ice, as well as an area that, each week, features a different local musician.

Redmond Saturday Market sign

Redmond Saturday Market sign

Open air booths

Open air booths

Covered booths

Covered booths

My purchases?  One plum, four apricots (lucsious and ripe), a half pint of raspberries (I must say I like the ones in our own garden more), and ninety-three cents worth of Rainier cherries (the cheapest I could find–I wanted the yellowy-pink, more expensive Rainiers, not the dark, cheaper Bings) all of which I consumed on the spot.

Today, I biked to the Market via the Sammamish River Trail, a bike, pedestrian, and equestrian friendly trail stretching the 10.9 mile length of the Sammamish River.  Oh, that brings up another point–parking at the Market can be a pain (usually you have to park in the nearby Redmond Town Centre), but on a bike, you can “park” right on-site.  Another plus is that there are abundant blackberry bushes about a foot off the trail–might be annoying to some, but I must say, fresh blackberries in the middle of a six mile run are awfully nice.  Overall, a good trail, although I do wish it had a dirt shoulder.

Bored yet?  Guess what?  The real purpose of this post was to experiment with the photo uploading feature.


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