Mother Teresa (Theresa?) Orphanage

Yesterday, we went to one of the Mother Teresa orphanages in New Dehli.  When we were there (morning), there were infants and toddlers.  Most of the time was spent playing with the infants, and eventually feeding them (what a nightmare).  We left at 11.30, as that is when the kids are put down for a nap.

The orphanage is apparently rather touchy about photographs and even volunteers in general, as they have had some previous bad experiences with some American women who were there to “help”.

We may go back to the orphanage next week and be able to get more pictures, but I’m not entirely sure.


One thought on “Mother Teresa (Theresa?) Orphanage

  1. Dear Joy,
    Thanks for inviting us to follow you around India. I’m enjoying your pictures and commentary on them, particularly the orphanage.
    Warmly 🙂
    Aunt Heather

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