A Walk in the Bush

Before church this morning, we went for a four mile walk in the bush.  There’s a little nature preserve a little bit less than a mile from where I am staying.  There, the bush is lush and green, unlike many other places where the underbrush has been thinned. 

Nature preserve

Nature preserve

Wildlife is relatively abundant.  Mostly in the form of cows, dogs, and peacocks.  Oh yes, and ants.  Cows are holy in the Hindu religion, so they overflow in great bounty throughout India–mostly you’ll see them sitting peacefully by the side of road. 

A cow

A cow

Dogs, too, are plentiful.  Most of them are wild, but still relatively friendly (as in, they won’t jump up and chase you angrily).  Peacocks are many in the preserve, but they’re too timid to let their picture be taken.  They make a funny cooing noise that sounds somewhere in between a depressed cat and a happy owl.  There were a few other random animals we saw, such as one bird that kind of resembled a small white stork that had stuck its head into a bucket of mustard as well as these scrawny little squirrels that you see most anywhere you go that’s not in the middle of a city.  There are also multiple shrines in the reserve, I suppose each to one of the plethora of deities.

A shrine in the preserve

A shrine in the preserve

Another peculiar thing in the preserve is the cricket field.  Somewhere in there (we don’t actually know where it is) is a cricket field.  We know this because we observed numerous groups of young men in white carrying bats, masks, and bags walking through the preserve.  But that’s India for you.


2 thoughts on “A Walk in the Bush

  1. Hello Joy! (even though I suspect salutations are rare in the blog setting.) Your writing is delightfully descriptive, and if you should happen to sneak up on one of those mustard-headed white storks, we’re all waiting to see his or her photo 🙂
    Aunt H.

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