A Pigeon in a Potted Tree…

There is a pigeon roosting on the porch.  In a potted tree.  And she has eggs.  Two, to be specific.  Not the best place to lay one’s eggs, I might imagine…

Pigeon eggs

Pigeon eggs

The mother pigeon sitting on her eggs

The mother pigeon sitting on her eggs

 According to World Book Online,

Pigeons build a shallow, loosely interwoven nest of twigs and grass. In most species, the female lays two white eggs. Females incubate (sit on and warm) the eggs all night, while males incubate during most of the daytime. The eggs hatch in about 17 days.

So there’s your daily lesson on the life cycle of a pigeon.

Post Script[um]: Lest you think I’m going batty (oh wait, maybe I am…), the title of this post is in reference to one certain Christmas carol…


2 thoughts on “A Pigeon in a Potted Tree…

  1. Joy, you’ve given me a new appreciation for the pigeons at our bird feeder–somewhere in our vicinity must be a nest with a devoted mom and dad taking turns sitting on the eggs 🙂 And, thanks for your interesting pictures and commentary about the Ghandi museum. I’m thoroughly enjoying “our” India adventures! Warmly, Aunt Heather

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