I spent the past weekend in Spokane, WA, with my school’s pep band following our boys’ basketball team in the state tournament.   The five-hour drive over was tedious, but there was some nice scenery along the way.


Scenery on the trip


More scenery

Neither observing high school basketball games nor playing in the pep band have ever been among my favorite activities, but the games were exciting and the weekend fun nonetheless.  One of the perks of being in band were the center-court, front-row seats at the game.


Pep band at state basketball tournament

There was a goodly amount of free time during the trip (only one game per day), which permitted time for homework, having fun, and hanging out.


Band in a large wagon

There was plenty to do, especially because at least three floors (not counting the lobby) of the hotel in which we stayed were taken up by people from the school.  There were cheerleaders, basketball players, fans, the band, family, extended family, or school faculty constantly milling about the hotel.  We probably drove the poor receptionists in the lobby insane with our constant presence (and noise!).


You can always tell it's a band trip when there are people playing cards...on a cymbal


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