Ten Grands Young Artist Contest

As a musician and a music appreciator, I regularly listen to Seattle’s classical music station, 98.1 King FM.  I recently heard about an upcoming concert in which ten grand pianos would play in ensemble.  As a pianist myself, I find this extremely impressive–it’s hard enough to play a duet on separate pianos, let alone in with nine!

This concert also features a youth competition, in which young musicians compete for a chance to play at Benaroya Hall at the performance itself, as well as various other prizes. I like this concert and competition quite a bit: as a musician, the concept of ten grand pianos playing together intrigues me, as a listener, I feel that it is an excellent way of getting the community, particularly the younger generation, involved (I could go on a long tangent about the value of music and why it should gain more emphasis in schools, but I’ll spare you…at least for now).

The interesting part of all this, at least for me, came when I discovered that not one, but two people I know are entered in the semifinals of this contest.  Thus, I encourage you to vote for Entries 5 and 6 at http://www.king.org/pages/6553770.php.  In case this link goes away when the contest ends, but you still want to hear the entrants, here are the videos themselves:


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