The tropical butterfly house in the Pacific Science Center yielded some nice photographs, despite the fact that I only had my camera phone. One of these days, I’m going to go back with a good camera and get some better shots.

The Science Center itself has been in Seattle for years. Some of the more permanent exhibits include the butterfly house, naked mole rats, dinosaurs, the planetarium, insects, and a section on the human body. There’s also an IMAX theatre and a number of simulators. The other exhibits change from time to time, currently, there’s a (fairly limited–I preferred the one at the Museum of Flight a couple years back) exhibit on Martian exploration. Previously, they’ve had exhibits on the human body (and its functions!), Lucy the fossil, mummies, etc. While geared more towards elementary-aged students, it’s still worth a visit for the general populace. Just be prepared to be swamped by a storm of small students.


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