I have had a full schedule lately with school (three AP classes!–not sure if that is a sign of high intelligence, utter stupidity, or a tad bit of both) and cross country, mostly.  I went to Portland, OR to race at Nike Pre-Nationals and PR’d there.  NPN is definitely one of my favorite races: flat, fast, and fun.  It is run on the same course as the prestigious Nike Cross Nationals (formerly Nike Team Nationals) held in December for the top schools in the nation.

Nike Pre-Nationals, Portland Meadows, Portland, OR

Nike Pre-Nationals, Portland Meadows, Portland, OR

Finish line at NPN

Finish line at NPN

In October, I toured Seattle Pacific University, the University of Washington, and Western Washington University.  I’m not really sure where I want to go to college, or even what I want to study in college, yet still I did find the visits informative.  Feeling the atmosphere at various schools is just as important as understanding their academic opportunities.  I can say that I am fairly certain that I will not be attending WWU.  SPU looked promising, as did UW.  I also spoke with the cross country/track coaches at SPU and WWU, just to get see what collegiate cross country might be like.  Meeting collegiate coaches and athletes this summer at cross country camp sparked my interest in the possibility of running competitively in college.  But we’ll see.


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