The Weather Has an Attitude

Wind.  Hail.  Rain. Clouds.  Sun.  –no, not the weatherman’s forecast when he doesn’t actually know the forcast: this was my weekend in Cheney for state track championships.  Of course, the sun didn’t come until after my race, as it would.  The first morning we froze; that afternoon was tolerable; the second day we all turned into tomatoes with ears (even me, who “never burns”).

After the second day, our skin matched the color of the infield.

We arrived in Cheney mid-afternoon on Thursday, visited the stadium at Eastern Washington University, ate dinner, and relaxed in the hotel.  Friday we left for EWU in the morning and stayed until around 6 pm for sprint preliminaries, field finals, and distance finals.  Saturday we went back to EWU for sprint, field, and distance finals.  Unfortunately, the pole vault pit ran remarkably late (whereas the track events proceeded remarkably promptly), so we did not arrive home until midnight.  It was a long, but fun day.

If you want to know about my race, let’s just say it wasn’t ideal.  For me, my season goal was to qualify for state, and I did.  But as a team, we did well–one state champion, a third place relay, and a number of other medalling finishers.  The past week has been a learning experience: in success, in failure, in the importance of friendships, in tolerating adverse conditions, in teamwork, in prayer, in the importance of using sunscreen.

Beautiful landscape outside the stadium--encouraging.


One thought on “The Weather Has an Attitude

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