Imago Dei

It’s summer (even if the weather doesn’t seem to agree): the season of reading (Foxtrot!  …and some serious books, too), berry-picking and -eating, random craft-making (sock monkeys!), running, and doing everything else I don’t have time for during the school year (e.g., sleeping).  Yesterday, I was outside eating (I mean picking and bringing inside for dinner) berries, and I came upon a small friend, who obliged while I ran inside, got a camera, and took pictures for ten minutes.

What did I get out of this mini-adventure (besides a lesson on aperture settings)?  Confirmation of God’s greatness.  Something about those compound eyes and stained-glass wings is more incredible than I can fathom.  That a dragonfly–an insect, a bug–is designed with such intricacy and elegance–how does this reflect on the creation of Man, the Imago Dei?

P.S.: About that “summer” weather…


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