She was exuberant about life.  She danced (beautifully), jumped, sang, lived.  Her joy was abounding.  I was the dorky, short seventh grader–she was the cool eighth grader who accepted me on the basketball team.  She grew ill.  Yet, her strong, bright spirit shone through the fog of sickness.  After a battle that lasted years, she passed on yesterday.  You will be missed.

There is another an exuberant, joyful young woman.  Like the first, she was the cool seventh grader who was nice to me, the even dorkier and shorter sixth grader on the basketball team.  Her family of three siblings adopted five more from overseas–she took it all in stride, embracing, teaching, loving them.  This month, she got engaged.  You’ve grown up so fast.


Feel free to insult each other, forget your manners, create straw men, ignore empirical data, and commit as many other fallacies as you can, all from the cozy, anonymous protection of your keyboard.

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