Things I Fear (Regarding the Next Couple Months…and Years)

Continued from Things I’m Looking Forwards To

  1. The logistics of moving halfway across the country.
  2. Meeting new people.  “Hi, I’m an introvert.”
  3. Finding a church.  After three years, I’ve finally settled down, and now I get to start again.  See #2.
  4. Regretting not running cross country/not going to a school where I could run cross country.
  5. Dying (figuratively) of stress/confusion/too much chemistry and physics.
  6. Not taking the right foreign language, or regretting not taking one at all, or regretting taking one.
  7. Regretting going to the wrong school and/or not going to state school.
  8. Not having a car when I come home.  It’s dumb, I know, “#firstworldpains” at its finest.  But it’s also true.
  9. ALL THE CRAZY SMART KIDS.  If two of my friends from school–the guy is the is probably the smartest person in the class and the girl is definitely the most competitive–got married, and then we threw in another one of my friends as the crazy aunt, the offspring of that family would be the archetypal population of my university.  Yikes.
  10. Money, and the lack thereof.
  11. Failure.  Not just in the sense of #5, either.

One thought on “Things I Fear (Regarding the Next Couple Months…and Years)

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