Loving God, Loving People

I ran across this quotation last night and found it pertinent to this week’s Fruit of the Spirit, Love.

The Great Divorce is set such that the narrator describes his experience wandering through Hell (not unlike Dante).  In this eschatology, saved beings can descend to a certain part of Hell (or perhaps it is more like Hell’s vestibule in the Inferno) to try to convince its residents to turn back to God.  My understanding is that because this occurs pre-judgment, it’s almost more like a Purgatory-type realm, rather than Hell as Protestants normally conceive (please correct me if I’m wrong, which I likely am).  In this exchange, a saved being is speaking to his sister, an unsaved being, who suffered from misplaced love of family (what was apparently an excess of love was actually an excess of bitterness and a dearth of true love.)  Anyhow, here it is:

“You cannot love a fellow-creature fully till you love God.” ~C.S. Lewis, The Great Divorce


One thought on “Loving God, Loving People

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