Affection and Commitment

It’s funny, I’m trying to focus on love this week, and the topic keeps on popping up here and there.  Yesterday it was in The Great Divorce, today it was in a video recorded sermon from the church I attend when I’m home.  The pastor was talking about how we love God and each other.  He boiled it down to two parts: affection and commitment.  Affection is having an emotional response for the other person; commitment is the things you do and the lengths to which you will go for the other person.  Ideally, they should spring from each other.  He gave the illustration of taking his wife on a 25th anniversary trip to Europe.  If he took her to five star hotels, saw all the sites, ate all the food, but on the last morning of the trip, if she asked him, “Honey, tell me how you feel about me, about how much you love me?” and he said, “Oh, I don’t have any affection for you.  I just took you on this trip for the same reason I put food on the table–because it’s my husbandly duty, not because I have any sort of emotional connection,” there would be a big problem.  It’s the same way for us and God.


One thought on “Affection and Commitment

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