Family. Adoption. Love.

Family isn’t always an easy thing for me.  Yes, I’m adopted, but no, that’s not why, so please quit trying to psychoanalyze me.

More than any of the problems, I’m incredibly grateful for how my life has turned out.  Most people are born into their circumstances: I was placed into mine–I believe by the hand of God.  I often wonder what I would be like if I were adopted by a different family, if I were born in a slightly different part of China, if I had been a boy, if I were born to a wealthy family in China, if I had been born at a slightly different time, if China hadn’t reopened international adoptions, if I had gone to a different orphanage, if I weren’t adopted at all.  It’s like one of those time-travel movies, where the main character undoes one tiny action ten years ago, and POW, his world turns upside down when he gets home (or, worse, he creates an infinitely looping paradox in some alternate universe…but I’ll leave that to the philosophy majors).  On a less cosmic level, undo one stitch from your crocheted hat, and look out–the whole thing might unravel.  But you get the idea.

Anyhow, this is a beautiful video on adoption–on love.  (Shared by my favorite biology teacher ever, Mrs. D., who, in God’s grace, adopted a child from overseas when her three biological children were in their pre-teens/teens.  So much respect.)


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