These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: College Edition

Perfect morning air.
Ripe mangoes and figs and peaches.
Long runs, solo.
Long runs, with a friend.
Quality basketball shorts.
Days with no homework.
An in-tune brass quartet.
Tuba solos.
0.3mm Alvin drafting pencils.
A book, a piece of toast, an apple, and good coffee.
The smell of clean sheets.
Hard workouts.
Long talks at night that make you too tired to get up to workout the next morning.
A full tank of gas.
The Fridays that payroll runs.
Green checkmarks on Webassign.
Green engineering paper.
A to-do list completely done.
Those random days when a math major feels slightly poetic.


Feel free to insult each other, forget your manners, create straw men, ignore empirical data, and commit as many other fallacies as you can, all from the cozy, anonymous protection of your keyboard.

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