October 2018 Links

Politics and Culture

Suburban-Rural Districts Are Turning on the GOP (Ronald Brownstein, 11 Oct 2018, The Atlantic)

What Sarah Palin Saw Clearly (Katie Couric & Brian Goldsmith, 8 Oct 2018, The Atlantic)

Supreme Court

Read Susan Collins’s Historic Floor Speech on Brett Kavanaugh (Olivia Paschal & Madeleine Carlisle, 5 Oct 2018, The Atlantic): full text of Collins’ speech to the Senate

Senator Murkowski Voted Against Kavanaugh. Read Her Remarks Declaring Why (5 Oct 2018, The New York Times): full text of Murkowski’s speech after the vote on cloture

Senators Collins, Heitkamp explain Kavanaugh votes (Scott Pelley/60 Minutes, 7 Oct 2018, CBS)

Two Moderate Senators, Two Very Different Paths (Elaina Plott, 6 Oct 2018, The Atlantic)

Susan Collins’s Elaborate Yes on Brett Kavanaugh, and Lisa Murkowski’s Straightforward No (Eric Lach, 5 Oct 2018, The New Yorker)

Jeff Flake Explains Himself (McKay Coppins, 29 Sep 2018, The Atlantic)

The Quiet Rage Of Mazie Hirono (Nina Totenberg, 7 Jun 2018, NPR)

‘Rock bottom’: Supreme Court fight reveals a country on the brink (Michael Scherer & Robert Costa, 6 Oct 2018, The Washington Post)

Trump unleashes on Kavanaugh accuser (Allie Malloy, 22 Sep 2018, CNN)

The junk science Republicans used to undermine Ford and help save Kavanaugh (Avi Selk, 7 Oct 2018, The Washington Post)

Christine Blasey Ford Is Her Own Expert Witness (Sarah Zhang, 27 Sep 2018, The Atlantic)

I was sexually assaulted and thought it was my fault. It’s past time for a 1980s reckoning (Kirsten Powers, 2 Oct 2018, USA Today)

I Know Brett Kavanaugh, but I Wouldn’t Confirm Him (Benjamin Wittes, 2 Oct 2018, The Atlantic)

The most telling moment: Kavanaugh goes after Sen. Klobuchar (Jennifer Rubin, 27 Sep 2018, The Washington Post)

Nominee’s attack on Democrats poses risk to Supreme Court (Mark Sherman & Jessica Gresko, 28 Sep 2018, AP)

Kavanaugh’s Fate Will Have a Massive Ripple Effect (David A. Graham, 28 Sep 2018, The Atlantic)

What Kavanaugh case means for ‘innocent until proven guilty’ (Francine Kiefer, 24 Sep 2018, The Christian Science Monitor)

Faith and Politics

The Last Temptation (Michael Gerson, Apr 2018, The Atlantic)

Why White Evangelicals Don’t Care About Climate Change (Steve Hanley, 5 Apr 2018, Clean Technica)

How to Use Hymns as “Teachable Moments”–Even When You Disagree with the Lyrics (Roger E. Olson, 14 Nov 2014, Patheos)

Science and Medicine

The man with the golden blood (Penny Bailey, 21 Oct 2014, Mosaic)

One Wikipedia Page Is a Metaphor for the Nobel Prize’s Record With Women (Marina Koren, 2 Oct 2018, The Atlantic)

Watch a moth drink tears from a bird’s eye (Richa Malhotra, 21 Sep 2018, Science)

It’s not ‘all in your head’: When other doctors give up on patients, a boundary-breaking neurologist treats them (Eric Boodman, 18 Jun 2018, Stat)


Joan Benoit Samuelson Talks Emotional Finish With Daughter (7 Oct 2018, NBC 5 Chicago)

Yuki Kawauchi Is Distance Running’s Elite Oddball (Jeré Longman, 4 Oct 2018, The New York Times)

The Total Reinvention of Gwen Jorgensen (Erin Beresini, 3 Oct 2018, Outside Magazine)

Gwen Jorgensen Tries to Solve the Marathon (Lindsay Crouse, 5 Oct 2018, The New York Times)

Is the best yet to come for 24-year-old Breanna Stewart? (Mechelle Voepel, 3 Oct 2018, ESPNW)


September 2018 Links

#MeToo, #WhyIDidntReport, Bro Culture, and the Supreme Court

The Subtext of Kavanaugh’s Nomination Bursts Into the Open (Garrett Epps, 16 September 2018, The Atlantic)

California professor, writer of confidential Brett Kavanaugh letter, speaks out about her allegation of sexual assault (Emma Brown, 16 September 2018, The Washington Post)

I Believe Her (Caitlin Flanagan, 17 September 2018, The Atlantic)

Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Judge, and the Romanticizing of Teenage Indiscretion (Spencer Kornhaber, 18 September 2018, The Atlantic)

The Logical Fallacy of Christine Blasey Ford’s ‘Choice’ (Megan Garber, 20 September 2018)

Sen. Patty Murray: Don’t let this be our Anita Hill moment (Angela King & Jason Pagano, 20 September 2018, KUOW)

My Rapist Apologized (Deborah Copaken, 21 September 2018, The Atlantic)

Ford runs circles around hapless Republicans, who now have a second scandal (Jennifer Rubin, 22 September 2018, The Washington Post)

Race, Gender, and Athletics

Serena Williams’s U.S. Open Loss Was Humiliating—But Not for Her (Gillian B. White, 8 September 2018, The Atlantic)

Serena Williams Cartoon ‘Not About Race,’ Artist Says. Experts Strongly Disagree (Damien Cave, 11 September 2018, The New York Times)

What Serena Williams’s defeat tells us about the criminal-justice system (Marc M. Howard, 11 September 2018, The Washington Post)

National Black Police Association Letter to Nike on Colin Kaepernick (National Black Police Association, 5 September 2018)

Serena Williams and the Game That Can’t Be Won (Yet): What rage costs a woman (Rebecca Traister, 9 September 2018, The Cut)

Maybe stop telling women how to speak (Isolde Raftery, 30 August 2018, KUOW)

Mollie Tibbetts’ father: Don’t use her death to promote ‘racist’ views (Dakin Andone, 2 September 2018, CNN)

Slayings raise alarms for women who practice sports alone (Luke Meredith & Scott McFetridge, 20 September 2018, AP)

WNBA Finals

Sue Bird Is Not Going Anywhere (Leo Sepkowitz, 13 September 2018, Bleacher Report)

If You Know, You Know (Isaiah Thomas, 3 September 2018, The Players’ Tribune)

Sue Bird’s fourth-quarter heroics help Storm return to WNBA Finals (Kevin Pelton, 5 September 2018, ESPN)

So I Broke My F*cking Nose (Sue Bird, 7 September 2018, The Players’ Tribune)

The Storm’s Sue Bird and Mercury’s Diana Taurasi are foes on the floor, but best friends beyond it (Percy Allen, 30 August 2018, The Seattle Times)

Breanna Stewart is the MVP, but Sue Bird remains heart and soul of the Storm’s newest title-winning team (Larry Stone, 12 September 2018, The Seattle Times)

‘The sky’s the limit’ for Storm star Breanna Stewart, on and off court (Larry Stone, 15 September 2018, The Seattle Times)

The Natural World

The Brilliant, Playful, Bloodthirsty Raven (Helen MacDonald, October 2018, The Atlantic)

This Tiny Songbird Rolls Its Head to Break Its Victim’s Neck (Ed Yong, 5 September 2018, The Atlantic)

A Once-Captive Dolphin Has Introduced Her Friends to a Silly Trend (Ed Yong, 5 September 2018, The Atlantic)

Flying goats! Olympic Range mountain goats are being relocated by helicopter and ferry (Tom Banse, 13 September 2018, KUOW)

Scientists thought they had created the perfect tree. But it became a nightmare (Adrian Higgins, 17 September 2018, The Washington Post)

Mental Health

The Invisible Women With Autism (Apoorva Mandavilli, 22 October 2015, The Atlantic)

Why Introverted Teachers Are Burning Out (Michael Godsey, 25 January 2016, The Atlantic)

When Schools Overlook Introverts (Michael Godsey, 28 September 2015, The Atlantic)

The Last Person on Earth (Melissa Fay Greene, The Cut): Content warning, suicide

Politics and Society

Woman who fell to earth: was air crash survivor’s record just propaganda? (Kate Connolly, 13 January 2009, The Guardian)

The un-celebrity president (Kevin Sullivan & Mary Jordan, 17 August 2018, The Washington Post)

The Criminalization of Parenthood (Libby Copeland, 22 August 2018, The New York Times)

The Untold Story of Otto Warmbier, American Hostage (Doug Block Clark, 23 July 2018, GQ)

The 22-Year-Old Who Wrote Barack Obama’s Letters (Rachael Allen, 28 August 2018, The Atlantic)

A High School Reunion Reveals: When Steel Mills Fell Silent, Fates Got Flipped (Marilyn Geewax, 3 September 2018, NPR)

Asian-Americans divided over race-based admissions (Janie Har, 27 August 2018, The Christian Science Monitor)

Conservatism After Christianity (Ross Douthat, 15 September 2018, The New York Times)

Why Putin is an ally for American evangelicals (Melani McAlister, 4 September 2018, Religion News Service)

‘The Most Dangerous Branch’ portrays the Supreme Court as a threat to democracy (Erik Spanberg, 5 September 2018, The Christian Science Monitor)

The NRA’s Catch-22 for Black Men Shot by Police (Adam Serwer, 13 September 2018, The Atlantic)

American Democracy Is in Crisis (Hillary Rodham Clinton, 16 September 2018, The Atlantic)

Bob Woodward’s new book reveals a ‘nervous breakdown’ of Trump’s presidency ( Philip Rucker & Robert Costa, 4 September 2018, The Washington Post)


It’s Not Just Frozen: Most Disney Movies Are Pro-Gay (Akash Nikolas, 23 April 2014, The Atlantic): The title should probably be “pro-queer” not “pro-gay”, and the article hinges on excessive analysis reminiscent of high school English class study of Shakespeare, but it’s still worth a read

Edith Windsor, Whose Same-Sex Marriage Fight Led to Landmark Ruling, Dies at 88 (Robert D. McFadden, 12 September 2017, The New York Times)

Suited (Lena Dunham & Jenni Konner, 2016, HBO): documentary.  A friend who happens to be trans* once told me, “The point of clothes is to make you feel good about yourself.”  That one statement influenced me more than I would have ever imagined at the time.

PHOTOS: Indians Laugh, Cry And Celebrate After Gay Sex is Decriminalized (Emily Sullivan, 7 September 2018, NPR)

Instagram post by Amanda Hite regarding her and Julie Rodgers’ wedding at the National Cathedral the same day as John McCain’s memorial service.  McCain’s position on LGBTQ+ rights changed dramatically over the years.  Most notably, he went from supporting Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to supporting the presence of trans* people in the military.  Some argue that he was just pandering to the political will of the moment; I choose to believe he truly went through a time of reflection and gradual change.  He was known for standing by his principles, but what are principles if they aren’t well-reasoned, and by extension, open to reconsideration?

The Sturggle for a new American Gospel: A Liberal’s Search for God and Faith in a Divided Country (Bryan Miller, 20 September 2018, The New Republic)

August 2018 Links


Cartoonists Recaption Doctor Diagrams (Sharon Levy, Olivia de Recat, and Lars Kenseth, 20 July 2018, The New Yorker)

What we know about blackberries (Murr Brewster, 1 August 2018, The Christian Science Monitor)

Notes to my garden denizens (Gail Russell Chaddock, 15 August 2018, The Christian Science Monitor)

World’s Funniest Musical Notation (David Asher Brown, 10 August 2018, Facebook): video

Religion and Culture

Redneck Muslim (Jennifer Taylor & Mustafa Davis, 30 July 2018, The Atlantic): video

How partisanship drives religious attitudes (Yonat Shimron, 31 July 2018, Religion News Service)

Conservative Christians and LGBTQ people don’t have to be enemies (Julie Rodgers, 2 August 2018, The Washington Post)

Can You Be Queer and Christian? (Jonathan Parks-Ramage, 15 August 2018, Medium)

Why celibate LGBTQ Christians stir controversy on right and left alike (Katelyn Beaty, 16 August 2018, Religion News Service)

Millennial Evangelicals Diverge from Their Parents’ Beliefs (Eliza Griswold, 27 August 2018, The New Yorker)


Why substantially increasing WNBA player salaries is more complex than you think (Mechelle Voepel, 1 August 2018, ESPN)

Storm’s Breanna Stewart is the surefire WNBA MVP, and not just for her on-court dominance (Matt Calkins, 5 August 2018, The Seattle Times): The article was right on both counts

Breanna Stewart named WNBA MVP (Mechelle Voepel, 26 August 2018, ESPN)

Lindsay Whalen To Retire After 2018 Season (13 August 2018, WNBA): Thanks, Wheezy.  Also see video Lindsay Whalen’s farewell speech at Target Center (08/19/2018)

Even in announcing her retirement, classic Minnesotan Lindsay Whalen never falters (Pat Borzi, 13 August 2018, ESPN)

The Unshakable Bond of the Minnesota Lynx (Lyndsey D’Arcangelo, 21 August 2018, The Ringer)

Diana Taurasi’s game-tying 3-pointer was the most predictably brilliant shot of the WNBA playoffs (Matt Ellentuck, 29 August 2018, SB Nation): And it’s only game 2.  Of the semifinals.

The bigger the moment, the better Diana Taurasi seems to play (Kevin Pelton, 27 August 2018, ESPN)

I’m a WNBA player. Men won’t stop challenging me to play one-on-one (Devereaux Peters, 2 August 2018, The Washington Post)


How an inconspicuous slaughterhouse keeps the world’s premature babies alive (Eric Boodman, 12 March 2018, Stat): currently under paywall

A Grand Noodle Riddle, Cracked: Here’s How To Snap Spaghetti Into Just 2 Pieces (Rebecca Hersher & Colin Dwyer, 16 August 2018, NPR)

Comparing US City Street Orientations (Geoff Boeing, August 2018): See also Urban Spatial Order: Street Network Orientation, Configuration, and Entropy (academic paper, may be under paywall)

Beavers Made America Great, a New Book Explains (Steve Mirsky, September 2018, Scientific American)

Spicing up restoration: can chili peppers improve restoration seeding by reducing seed predation? (Dean E. Pearson et al., 17 July 2018, Restoration Ecology)

Race and Identity

An Asian American woman’s tweets ignite a debate: Is it okay to make fun of white people online? (Eli Rosenberg & Erin B. Logan, 3 August 2018, The Washington Post): See also first 14 minutes of this podcast Crazy Rich Asians

Sumter County, Ala., just got its first integrated school. Yes, in 2018 (Antonia Noori Farzan, 15 August 2018, The Washington Post)

Bombed by the K.K.K. A Friend of Rosa Parks. At 90, This White Pastor Is Still Fighting (Alan Binder, 17 August 2018, The New York Times)

The Roots of Route 66 (Candacy Taylor, 3 November 2016, The Atlantic)

A new life for mother whose daughter was killed in Charlottesville (Christa Case Bryant, 6 August 2018, The Christian Science Monitor)

‘This Little Light Of Mine’ Shines On, A Timeless Tool Of Resistance (Eric Deggans, 6 August 2018, NPR)


Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria (James Somers, 20 April 2017, The Atlantic)

Remember When You Could Call the Time? (Adrienne Lafrance, 22 June 2016, The Atlantic)

Why Married Women Are Using Two Last Names on Facebook (Ashley Fetters, 25 August 2018, The Atlantic)

The sprint from the Manafort courthouse after the verdict: guilty on 8 felony counts; hung jury on 10 counts. (No phones allowed in courthouse, so news comes via fleet feet.) (Melissa Block, 21 August 2018, Twitter): Some things are just low tech.  Be sure to read the whole thread.

In Memoriam: Senator John McCain

Sen. John McCain: Known as a veteran but also a man of quiet faith (Adelle M. Banks, 27 August 2018, Religion News Service)

The Trump-McCain Feud Never Ended (Russell Berman, 26 August 2018, The Atlantic)

One moment from McCain’s 2008 run made clear his character and foretold Trump’s rise (Greg Jaffe, 26 August 2018, The Washington Post)

John McCain understood that the Republican Party was selling its soul. He refused (David Ignatius, 26 August 2018, The Washington Post)

A “final message” from the late John McCain is read by an aide (John McCain, 27 August 2018, NBC News): video

Midsummer links

Culture and Politics

Can the center hold? Susan Collins and the high wire act of being a moderate (Francine Kiefer, 23 July 2018, Christian Science Monitor)

Is It Time to Reconsider Traffic Stops? (Tanvi Misra, 6 June 2018, Citylab)

The People Left Behind When Only the ‘Deserving’ Poor Get Help (Annie Lowrey, 25 May 2017, The Atlantic)

Life in the Sickest Town in America (Olga Khazan, 22 January 2015, The Atlantic)

Hidden Figures: How Donald Trump Is Rigging the Census (Ari Berman, May/June 2018, Mother Jones)

Untangling Gun Violence from Mental Illness (Julie Beck, 7 June 2016, The Atlantic)

The Rise of Right-Wing Foreign Policy in America (Peter Beinart, 15 March 2018, The Atlantic)

The Right to Blaspheme (David Frum, 8 May 2015, The Atlantic)


Employees quit American Bible Society over sex and marriage rules (Yonat Shimron, 29 May 2018, Religion News Service)

Vicky Beeching, Christian rock star ‘I’m gay. God loves me just the way I am’ (Patrick Strudwick, 13 August 2014, Independent)

Inside the Spectacular Implosion of Religion News Service (Sarah Jones, 27 April 2018, The New Republic)

Gun Control in the Crosshairs: Christian Nationalism and Opposition to Stricter Gun Laws (Andrew L. Whitehead, Landon Schnabel, and Samuel L. Perry, 23 July 2018, Socius)

The Last Temptation (Michael Gerson, April 2018, The Atlantic)


The Trauma of Facing Deportation (Rachel Aviv, 3 April 2017, The New Yorker)

In America, Naturalized Citizens No Longer Have an Assumption of Permanence (Masha Green, 18 June 2018, The New Yorker)

‘I wanted to stop her crying’: The image of a migrant child that broke a photographer’s heart (Avi Selk, 18 June 2018, The Washington Post)

Farmworkers In California Fearful After Immigrant Couple Dies While Fleeing ICE (Alex Hall, 13 June 2018, NPR): In case the immigration mess seems like “not your problem”, it’s everyone’s problem.  I know this family; their cousins work in the agricultural industry near where I lived in junior high and high school.

Sessions says the Bible justifies separating immigrant families. The verses he cited are infamous (Kyle Swenson, 15 June 2018, The Washington Post)

World’s Greatest Female Athletes

What Happened When I Tried to Play Men’s Soccer (Stephanie Labbé, The Players’ Tribune, 10 July 2018)

The Casual Superiority of Breanna Stewart (Shea Serrano, 27 July 2018, The Ringer)

Anne Donovan: ‘You don’t have to prove yourself every day. Just take time along the path’ (Rob Trucks, 15 June 2018, ESPN)

Anne Donovan played essential role in growth of women’s basketball (Mechelle Voepel, 14 June 2018, ESPN)

Sue Bird and rest of the women’s basketball community mourn former Storm coach Anne Donovan (Percy Allen, 14 June 2018, The Seattle Times)

Rapinoe on Body Issue cover: ‘Visibility is important’ (Jemele Hill, 24 June 2018, ESPN)

Meet Seattle sports’ newest power couple: Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe (Stefanie Loh, 22 June 2018, The Seattle Times)

WNBA All-Stars see coming out as way to help others (Doug Feinberg, 26 July 2018, AP)

At the Olympics, Motherhood Skis Away With a Gold and a Bronze (Tara Parker-Pope, 24 February 2018, The New York Times)

Popular Science

Are Tote Bags Really Good for the Environment? (Noah Dillon, 2 September 2016, The Atlantic)

The Only Mammals Reckless Enough to Eat Hot Peppers Are Humans and Tree Shrews (Cara Giaimo, 18 July 2018, Atlas Obscura): see also Hungry, Hungry Hippocampus: Why and How We Eat

When Spiders Go Airborne, It’s Electric — Literally (Nell Greenfieldboyce, 5 July 2018, NPR)

The Obsessive Search for the Tasmanian Tiger (Brooke Jarvis, 2 July 2018, The New Yorker)

Math Bee: Honeybees Seem To Understand The Notion Of Zero (Nell Greenfieldboyce, 7 June 2018, NPR)

Dr Seuss and the real Lorax (Nathaniel J. Dominy, Sandra Winters, Donald E. Pease, and James P. Higham, 23 July 2018, Nature Ecology and Evolution): may be under paywall, see also Is Dr. Seuss’s Lorax Real?

The Animals That Can Smell Cancer (Emma Young, 17 February 2016, The Atlantic)

May 2018 Links

Dear Church, Do Better

These Basketball Players Sued Their College For Anti-Gay Discrimination — And Lost (Shannon Keating, BuzzFeed, 24 May 2018)

What I Learned From Gay Conversion Therapy (Julie Rodgers, The New York Times, 5 May 2018)

What Alcoholics Anonymous could teach Paige Patterson (Seth Haines, Religion News Service, 15 May 2018)

Paige Patterson has resigned. Imagine if he were Tim Cook (Jonathan Merritt, Religion News Service, 23 May 2018)

For many evangelicals, Jerusalem is about prophecy, not politics (Diana Butler Bass, CNN, 14 May 2018)

To my fellow evangelicals: What you’re cheering in Jerusalem is shameful (Richard Mouw, Religion News Service, 16 May 2018)

Boobs Are Everywhere, And They Are Coming For Your Soul (Trevor Persaud, Medium, 8 May 2018)


Donald Trump Is Causing Fewer British People To Use Tanning Beds (Jack Peat, Independent, 2 Feb 2018)

Excess hippo dung may be harming aquatic species across Africa (Elizabeth Pennisi, Science, 16 May 2018)

How a wildlife expert rescued 6 baby squirrels in Elkhorn whose tails were knotted together (Michael O’Connor, Omaha World-Herald Good News, 18 May 2018)

These Lizards Are Full of Green Blood That Should Kill Them (Ed Yong, The Atlantic, 16 May 2018)

Sex, Sex, and More Sex, Then Death: The Antechinus Story (Patricia Edmonds, National Geographic, June 2016)

The Autopsy of Chicken Nuggets Reads “Chicken Little” (Richard D. deShazo et al., The American Journal of Medicine, Nov 2013)

The Last Days of the Blue-Blood Harvest (Sarah Zhang, The Atlantic, 9 May 2018)

Smash the Patriarchy

Abby Wambach: Barnard Commencement 2018 (Abby Wambach, Barnard College, 18 May 2018)

Get to know Powerhouse Seattle Couple Sue Bird & Megan Rapinoe (Jenna Luthman, Seattle Refined, 21 May 2018)

The Rage of the Incels (Jia Tolentino, The New Yorker, 15 May 2018)

‘Nerves of steel’: She calmly landed the Southwest flight, just as you’d expect of a former fighter pilot (Samantha Schmidt, The Washington Post, 18 Apr 2018)

‘Des is the definition of unrelenting’ (Bonnie D. Ford, ESPN, 16 Apr 2018)

Mansplaining, Explained (Sarah Mirk and Alexandra Beguez, The Nib, 15 Dec 2017)

People Are Complicated

The Tricks People Use to Avoid Debate (Hanna Rosin, The Atlantic, July/August 2015)

Why Critics of the ‘Microaggressions’ Framework Are Skeptical (Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic, 14 Sep 2015)

Et cetera

He searched for his Japanese birth mother. He found her — and the restaurant she had named after him (Kathryn Tolbert, The Washington Post 8 May 2018)

The Secret Life of Grief (Derek Thompson, The Atlantic, 3 Dec 2013)


Public Health and Policy

How Might Trump’s Food Box Plan Affect Health? Native Americans Know All Too Well (Maria Godoy, NPR, 25 Feb 2018)

What Does It Mean to Die? (Rachel Aviv, The New Yorker, 5 Feb 2018): See also The Problem of Prolonging Life

The Problem of Prolonging Life (Katy Butler, The Atlantic, 8 Oct 2013): See also What Does It Mean to Die?

Why a Study on Opioids Ignited a Twitter Firestorm (Olga Khazan, The Atlantic, 14 Mar 2018)

Chris Christie Makes Emotional Plea To Rethink Drug Addiction Treatment (Sam Wilkes and Scott Conroy, 5 Nov 2015, HuffPost): Please try to suspend any feelings/thoughts of “Ugh not Chris Christie he’s [bridgegatenator/Trump’s manservant/other bad things]” and listen to the speech at face value.  This is so important.

Individual Spotlights

The Many Lives of Pauli Murray (Kathryn Schulz, The New Yorker, 17 Apr 2017): If you’re going to pick a long form essay to read, pick this one

The Perfect Man Who Wasn’t (Rachel Monroe, The Atlantic, Apr 2018)

How a Young Woman Lost Her Identity (Rachel Aviv, The New Yorker, 2 Apr 2018)

I thought my bully deserved an awful life. But then he had one (Geraldine DeRuiter, The Washington Post, 22 Feb 2018)

Smash the Patriarchy

When does Hope Hicks get to be a “wunderkind” instead of a “former model”? (Laura McGann, Vox, 1 Mar 2018)

I Spent Two Years Trying to Fix the Gender Imbalance in My Stories (Ed Yong, The Atlantic, 6 Feb 2018)

Patriarchy doesn’t “protect” women: A response to John Piper (Rachel Held Evans, 20 Mar 2018): Here is the original interview to which she responds


Queering the Map (Lucas LaRochelle): Troll-y “conservative” hackers took the site down for a while but it’s up and running more fabulous than ever again

Homosexuality and the Divided Church: John Lipscomb and Catherine Roskam (Krista Trippett, 8 Aug 2003): Please note that this was recorded almost 15 years ago, particularly with regards to our understanding of genetic influences on identifying as LGB as well as the validity of conversion “therapy”

The Last Frontier for Gay Rights (Tiffany Stanley, The Washington Post, 2 Apr 2018)


Joe Biden And A Homeless Veteran Have A Very Human Moment (Scott Simon, NPR, 17 Mar 2018)

How Lisa Murkowski Mastered Trump’s Washington (Susan Dominus, The New York Times, 5 Apr 2018)

The Danger of President Pence (Jane Meyer, The New Yorker, 23 Oct 2017)

Weird Stuff

$17,000 search: Coast Guard called out when someone left a bike on the Seattle-to-Bainbridge ferry (David Gutman, The Seattle Times, 12 Apr 2018): #seattleproblems

The strange, twisted story behind Seattle’s blackberries (Ann Dornfeld, KUOW, 23 Aug 2016)

Yes, People Actually Steal Tubas. Sometimes They Even Return Them (Matt Stevens, The New York Times, 16 Mar 2018): At least I picked a monetarily valuable instrument?

Canadian Hotel Forgives Guest 17 Years After Flock Of Seagulls Trashed His Room (Scott Neuman, NPR, 4 Apr 2018): Be sure to see the original apology letter too

A Political Dispute Puts A Wrinkle In Time, Slowing Millions Of European Clocks (Amy Held, NPR, 7 Mar 2018)

Tons of Links

Too many for commentary, so I’ve just categorized…


The Week My Husband Left And My House Was Burgled I Secured A Grant To Begin The Project That Became BRCA1 (Mary-Claire King, HuffPost, 15 Sep 2017)

The first woman to earn a medical degree in the US got into school because men thought it was a joke (Alison Griswold, Quartz, 3 Feb 2018)

New York City Has Genetically Distinct ‘Uptown’ and ‘Downtown’ Rats (Sarah Zhang, The Atlantic, 29 Nov 2017)

Watch a bombardier beetle escape from a toad’s stomach (Kate Langin, Science, 6 Feb 2018)

World’s tiniest 3D glasses reveal how praying mantises see the world (Kate Langin, Science, 8 Feb 2018)

Think your job is hard? Try squirting a vaccine up a camel’s nostrils (Helen Branswell, Stat, 4 Jan 2016)


Dutch cyclist who broke her back in horrific Rio Olympics crash returns to win world gold (Marissa Payne, WaPo, 19 Sep 2017)

How the ‘Shalane Flanagan Effect’ Works (Lindsey Crouse, NYT, 11 Nov 2017)

U.S women’s hockey gold medal came in great Olympic game, made even greater statement (Christine Brennan, USA Today, 22 Feb 2018)

USA’s Randall, Diggins win historic cross-country gold (NBC, 21 Feb 2018)

Ep. 4 Against All Odds – The Petra Majdic Story (Extended Version) (Olympic Channel)

Faith and Culture

Here’s What Many White Christians Fail To Understand About The NFL Protests (Carol Kuruvilla, HuffPost, 28 Sep 2017)

Mike Pence’s Marriage and the Beliefs That Keep Women from Power (Jia Tolentino, The New Yorker, 31 Mar 2017)

Why I Can No Longer Call Myself an Evangelical Republican (Pete Wehner, NYT, 9 Dec 2017)

Grace in the Crisis of Authority (Julie Rodgers, 10 Dec 2017)

My Larry Nassar Testimony Went Viral. But There’s More to the Gospel Than Forgiveness (Morgan Lee and Rachel Denhollander, Christianity Today, 31 Jan 2018)

LGBTQ+ Issues and the Christian Church

Turning a Unicorn into a Bat: The Post in which We Announce the End of Our Marriage (Josh and Lolly Weed, 25 Jan 2018)

Julie Rodgers Keynote: Q Christian Fellowship Conference 2018 (Julie Rodgers, Youtube, 24 Jan 2018)

I’m a Pastor and My Son Is Gay, Now What? Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 (Matt Boswell, The Everyday Missionary Podcast, Jan 2018)

Gender Issues and Politics

This Is How Sexism Works in Silicon Valley My lawsuit failed. Others won’t (Ellen Pao, The Cut, 20 Aug 2017)

Gender-Fluid Scouts of America (James Hamblin, WaPo, 26 Oct 2017)

My daughter got her first catcall, and I didn’t know what to tell her (Eileen Hoenigman Meyer, WaPo, 22 Nov 2017)

The female price of male pleasure (Lily Loofbourow, The Week, 25 Jan 2018)

(Mostly) American Politics and Identity

Being in Charlottesville Broke My Heart. It Also Filled Me With Hope (Katie Couric, NatGeo, 18 Aug 2017)

What Is, And Isn’t, Considered Domestic Terrorism (Greg Myre, NPR, 2 Oct 2017)

T H E H O M E C O M I N G (Stephanie McCrummen, WaPo, 2 Sep 2017)

Whataboutism: The Cold War tactic, thawed by Putin, is brandished by Donald Trump (Dan Zak, WaPo, 18 Aug 2017)

What Foreigners Don’t Get About Emmanuel Macron (Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, The Atlantic, 19 Jan 2018)

Social Science and Public Health

I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise (Leah Libresco, WaPo, 2 Oct 2017)

Why Can’t Addicts Just Quit? (Olga Khazan, The Atlantic, 13 Nov 2017)

When Schools Overlook Introverts (Michael Godsey, The Atlantic, 28 Sep 2015)

Hopeful Stories

Asked & Answered: What happened to Tom the Guessing Doorman at Costco? (Nicole Brodeur, Seattle Times, 1 Feb 2018)

Four Bullets (Erika Lantz, WBUR, 23 Jun 2017)

Jokey Music Stuff

O Fortuna Misheard Lyrics (FamishedMammal, Youtube, 11 May 2012)

Improvising in the Style of… (Practice Notes, Facebook, 9 Nov 2017)

Criminal Law and Justice

When Cops Don’t Know the Law (Garrett Epps, The Atlantic, 2 Dec 2014)

Joseph Jiang’s fight to keep his priesthood (Jeanette Cooperman, St. Louis Magazine)

Murder by Craigslist (Hanna Rosin, The Atlantic, Sep 2013)

Miscellaneous Other Things

The History Behind China’s Obsession With Hot Water (Zhang Guowei, Sixth Tone, 27 Sep 2017)

Tea if by sea, cha if by land: Why the world only has two words for tea (Nikhil Sonnad, Quartz, 11 Jan 2018)

Brandi Carlile, with new album and Seattle concerts, reaching new heights (Charles R. Cross, The Seattle Times, 7 Feb 2018)

Living Through Death With Harry Potter (Alice Lesperance, The Atlantic, 23 Jan 2018)

Zoo Security Drills: When Animals Escape (Alan Taylor, The Atlantic, 10 Feb 2015)