We ♥ Boston

If you recall the New Yorker cartoon I shared at the end of yesterday’s post (included again below in case you didn’t see before), I just wanted to share a reader’s comment from the image posted on The New Yorker’s Facebook page:

“Sweet cartoon.
We can love Boston and love the people, and stand with them…
Doesn’t mean we need to like the BOSOX.
About midday on 9/11 +1, I was walking on a side street on the Upper West Side in Manhattan when a pickup truck pulled over next to me. The driver leaned out, waved a ham of a forearm at me, and asked how to find the Javits Center, where rescuers were mustering. As I gave directions, I saw the truck, with three guys in front and four more and gear in the back, was Boston FD. They’d left at dawn and driven straight through, but got a bit lost right at the end of the journey.
Damn, I said, thanks… got choked up and all as they started off….
Then I remembered: “WE CANNOT LET TERRORISTS CHANGE WHO WE ARE!!!” Or something like that was in my head.
So I shouted, “HEY!… Good luck, guys… but the Red Sox STILL SUCK!” All four guys in back gave me enthusiastic and grinning Beantown variations of the finger. I waved bye.
Thanks again, Boston. Love you for that. Forever. And I hope now NYC gives whatever aid Boston needs.
But however the Big Apple helps, we cannot ask Boston to love the Yankees. There are some things even scum-of the-earth terrorists, wherever they are from, and whatever their intent, can never, ever change.”
~Thomas R Lansner