I’m back home for the first time since I left for university.  It’s been good in a lot of ways: “normal” weather, running in the rain, sleep, personal space, seeing my real friends, visiting my old school.  It doesn’t really feel like I’ve been gone that long–just on an extended trip, or something.  Being back has reminded me of what I miss, though.  I’m not exactly homesick, but I have really missed my people.  I miss having support, but in a way, I miss having people to support.  It’s nice not having responsibility, but I miss community.

On Facebook, my cover image is a collage (If you can call it that.  It was more an exercise in geometry than artistry…) of my favorite pictures/memories/people/whatever from senior year.  I added a caption today, which, in the spirit of Thanksgiving (unintentionally), is as follows.

Favorites from the past year(-ish). Thanks to everyone who made it good, even when things weren’t.

Thanks for showing me love and patience and kindness.
Thanks for being less like friends and more like family (Woodinville campus is still better than Redmond. And BCXC girls, I’ll never forget my favorite gazelles.)
Thanks for teaching me about what really matters.
Thanks for putting up with–no, for encouraging–my nerdy side.
Thanks for your passion for teaching, for coaching, for running, for God, for what you do, for us.
Thanks for being role models and and mentors and people-who-had-my-back.
Thanks for giving me things to laugh about (“You would be a good Letiwe impersonator!” “Let’s play the game where you stick oreos to your forehead!”)
Thanks for believing in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself.
Thanks for being strong for me when I was weak.
Thanks for making me stronger.
Thanks for pushing me to be better.
Thanks for helping me laugh at myself (However, Pohlman, my sunglasses are still cooler than yours.)
Thanks for your time.
Thanks for letting me be your mother hen (Yes, I have extra prewrap…and socks…and athletic tape…but no hairbands.)
Thanks for trusting me, even when I wasn’t reliable.

Thanks for showing me how to live.
Thanks for showing me why to live.